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  These lessons should help you learn to use Thred. Just click on the lesson you want to see and it will open in your browser, or download the PDF files and view or print them using Adobe Acrobat .

Lessons In Alphabetical Order by Topics

Right click to download, left click to view on-line.  You can search this list by using "Control/F".


Lesson 01, Where to start?

Lesson 02, Making a Form

Lesson 03, Filling a Form

Lesson 04, Changing a Filled Form & Using the Form-Form

Lesson 05, Changing Screen Colors

Lesson 06, Changing Thread Colors, Set Form Color to Stitch Color

Lesson 07,How to Change Stitching Order & "Move to Mark"

Lesson 08, Stitch Boxes

Lesson 09, Fill Spacing

Lesson 10,Loading a Bitmap

Lesson 11, Opening a File, Saving a File, View Back-ups, Thumbnails

Lesson 12, Clipboard Fills, A

Lesson 13, Clipboard fills, B (also Selecting Stitches)

Lesson 14, Clipboard fills, C

Lesson14d, Clipboard scales

Lesson14e, Clipboard Phase and Offset, A

Lesson14f, Clipboard Phase and Offset, B

Lesson14g, Clipboard Phase and Offset, C

Lesson 15, Rotate

Lesson 16, Marks

Lesson 17, Chain Stitch

Lesson 18, Zoom and Shift Zoom

Lesson 19, Frm +/-

Lesson 20, Picot Borders, A

Lesson 21, Picot Borders, B

Lesson 22, Centering

Lesson 23, Copying a Form, and Layers

Lesson 24, Convert to Satin Ribbon, and Lettering for Logos,A

Lesson 25, Lettering for Logos and Convert to Satin Ribbon , B,  File Overlay, Set Knots

Lesson 26, Sort by Form (Shift/F3), A

Lesson 27, Sort/by form. B

Lesson 28, View Design Information

Lesson 29, Rotate and Duplicate

Lesson 29 a,  Set Rotation Angle

Lesson 29b, Set Rotation Segments

Lesson 29c, Set Rotation Angle from Mark

Lesson 30, Snap to Grid 

Lesson 31, Snap Together 

Lesson 32, Nudge

Lesson 33, Up To

Lesson 34, Satin Stitch Borders, Angle Satin

Lesson 35, Appliqué    ** Stitching AppliquéDesigns

Lesson 36, Satin Stitch, Perpendicular Satin

Lesson 37, "D"  (Direction) Lines

Lesson 38, Feather fill

Lesson 38a, Feather fill

Lesson 38b, Feather Ribbon

Lesson 38c, Feather Fill options

Lesson 38d, Both, feather floor

Lesson 39, Cutwork Basics

Lesson 39A, Cutwork*  Stitching your Design

Lesson 40,Autotrace

Lesson 40a, CartoonCar

Lesson 42,  Underlay, Edgewalk and Centerwalk 

Lesson 43,  Underlay, Edgewalk and Centerwalk, Indent

Lesson 44,   Edgewalk and Centerwalk 

Lesson 45, Daisy Forms

Lesson 46 Daisy Mirror

lesson 47, Daisy Center

Lesson 48, Daisy Petal

Lesson 49 Daisy D-Lines

Lesson 50,Daisy Inner Petal Points

Lesson 51, Daisy Holes

Lesson 52 Texture Fill

Lesson 53 Texture Fill

Lesson 55, Form Update