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free geocache badge embroidery design, Leatherman variant

3982 stitches,  49 mm X 49 mm

Stitched on tightly woven twill  fabric using Badge Master stabilizer

GeoCache Badge

Handheld GPS units give us a new excuse to go for a hike.  This badge is based on the Leatherman geocache symbol.  I made the design so that my daughter and her family,  The Desert (B)Rats, can leave badges in the caches they visit this summer while on vacation. 

To download the design, click the file format you need:

dst ... exp ... hus ... jef ... pcs ... pes ... sew ... thr ... xxx ...

If you would like to stitch the design for your own use or for gifts, feel free to do so.  If you want to sell them,  please contact me for permission first.  If you want some badges, but do not have an embroidery machine, I will stitch six for $20.  This takes 80 minutes, so I am not doing  it to make money  I just can't afford to give the finished badges away free.  You are welcome to download the digitized design.

Contact Alfie: AlfMc@charter.net

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