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Free Standing Lace doily experiment 

I'm not happy with this design because it fails in one of the most essential criteria for embroidery... it's got too many stitches.  That said, it does stitch out reasonably well, if you have plenty of patience, and can be combined in groups of six to make a full circle doily.  The monochrome version has "only" 23279 stitches,because the lace underlay has been removed. That version can be used as an appliquéor over netting.  You can stitch the netting and then cut it out, or you can trim the netting like you would appliqué.  The first method is less likely to fail during stitching, because it gives better support, but after you trim, you may still have tiny bits of netting threads that will show if you look very closely.  I'm sharing these designs as part of an ongoing discussion of lace making technique, not because I am proud of them.  I guess I lost my enthusiasm for this design after our dog ate a section that had taken me an hour to stitch out!  Dogs seem to like the taste of water soluble stabilizer.


37,850 stitches    128mm by 154 mm

All layers, four colors: 

  dst ... exp ... jef ... pes ... thr ... xxx ... 

 Monochrome version, intended to be stitched over bridal veil or petticoat net, 23279 stitches, :

: dst ... exp ... jef ... pes ... thr ...




Border section with lace underlay:

csd ... dst ... exp ... hus ... jef ... pcs ... pes ... thr ... xxx ...