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Thred Allows you to zoom in and out with one key stroke while keeping you center of zoom on what you have selected or a zoom mark you can set with one keystroke.

Put the mouse cursor anywhere in the stitch window and hit the "S" key and that position will become the new center of the stitch window.  In other programs you have to drag first the one scroll bar, and then the other.

If you want to add a stitch, or change a form, it's just a keystroke away.  Thred has hotkeys for most  features on the menu. If you are interested in a program that minimizes keystrokes, Thred is for you.  You do not have to memorize a lot of hotkeys, but they are available if you want speedy digitizing.

Easy Editing

Bitmaps and Color Backgrounds

Background and bitmap colors are user defined and easy to change.  You can load a color photograph or black and white line drawing as a guide in the window behind your design.

Easy Move


Thred uses objects called forms to keep track of the stitches attributes of each group of stitches. The form is just  an outline of the area you want to fill with stitches or outline with a border. A form is a bit like an envelope where Thred can keep the information about the stitches in that area of your design. You can make a freehand form by drawing it on screen wi the form will refill with the kind of stitches you chose.  This makes it easy to edit a design without starting over from the beginning.

Also see Peri's chart of daisy form settings:  http://www.summaries.ca/thred_lessons/chart.php

Border choices

chain stitch

line stitch

double stitch

 bean stitch


 perpendicular satin

 angle satin

buttonhole stitch

picot edges

  clipboard borders

satin ribbon

feather ribbon

Fill Choices




create clipboard Fills


fan fill

feather fill

create textured fills

You can put any group of stitches on the  Windows clipboard and use Thred to make those stitches into a fill or border and you can make your own textured fills.



View your design stitching out as a movie

Use "Up to" to view only the part of your design that has stitched before the selected stitch. 

Select a color and view only that color 


Rotate and Duplicate all or part of your design to create exciting patterns.


Work on any of four layers.


PES2CARD3 box will open a THR file and send it to the memory card of your machine in the correct file format.


Intelligent Zoom