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Wild Rose Quilt Designs


506 stitches, 99 mm X 99 mm


dst ... exp ... hus ... jef ... pcs ... pes ... thr ... xxx .

These Zip files have three designs in them; the satin rose, the quilting rose, and the outline of stitches seen outside the satin rose that was used to quilt it.  The designs have diagonal placement stitches so you can line them up.


I am using the raggedy construction method for these with a sandwich of two layers of PINK cotton twill and one of polyfill.  I made the squares 11 inches, and the batting 8 1/2 inches.  It is not entirely sewn together, and the clipping for the ragged edges is not done, but when it is, I'll post a picture.  I've never done one of these before.


Alfie McCoskey


2496 stitches, 97 mm X 99 mm