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Contributions Page II

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Heart with Bullion Stitch Roses

This pretty design has a lacy fill that looks nice stitched with a wing needle.

20183 stitches, 134 mm 129 mm


  Judy Kean

thr * dst * hus * jef * pes * xxx

Padded Satin Stitch Roses

Intended to look a like Bullion stitch roses, these stand up proud. As you can see in the image,they need to be stitched on a heavier fabric than the unbleached muslin that I used.

8,739 stitches, 97 mm X 97 mm

  Alfie McCoskey


* thr * csd * dst * exp * hus * jef * pcs * pes * sew * xxx *

The .sew file has only one bud,since the entire design was too large.


Rose with Thred Forms thr format only * Rose Bud with Thred Forms thr format only

These are not the final versions of the designs, but they are the last ones with the forms still in it. I deleted the forms and edited stitches after this point. The designs were made with line forms and "Edit/Convert to Satin Ribbon". I manually punched the padding layer.




8,401 stitches, 88mm X 85 mm


Jessie Chapman

 thr * csd * dst * exp * hus * jef * pcs * pes * sew * xxx *



2355 stitches, 72 mm X 91 mm


Marion McCoskey

thr * csd * dst * exp * hus * jef * pcs * pes * sew