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 Design Contests

August, 2001

Won by Diane Bossom


Daine Bossom's Vase


81 mm X 114 mm, 9892 stitches

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thr * dst * exp * jef * pcs * pes * sew * xxx

Daine Bossom mailto:dboss@pdq.net

Some notes on the features of Thred that I used for this design.

I like using the features in this program to just play around and see what happens. I sure like the results on the vase, so I wanted to share it with everyone. The vase was a result of playing with contour fill. When it stitched out, there was a V shaped open area in the middle that I filled with the black thread to match the base and the outline. The stitching of the contour fill was so dense around the curves that it caused the bobbin thread to come to the top no matter what, even though I used a stitch length of 2.5 when I filled it. I went into references and changed the short stitch length to 1 mm, and then deleted all the stitches in the contour fill under 1 mm. It sewed fine after deleting the short stitches. Forms were used for all the stitches, including the walking stitches. I kept the forms in order so I could sort by forms. I edited some of the forms, so don't refill them. I didn't want to get lost in the large number of forms so I digitized the vase, the branches, and the flowers in 3 different files and then combined them and added the buds last. I set a mark and used rotate and duplicate for the flowers. I selected all the forms for the buds and filled them at the same time. I copied forms to other layers so I could view certain parts of the design without having to see the rest. Flip order was used on the duplicate forms so it would straight stitch to the end of the branch and satin stitch back. I also planned the design so you wouldn't have to stop and trim any jump stitches from the flowers and buds. You can trim the jumps when the design finishes. I hope you enjoy this design as much as I did making it.


Other Winners

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