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 Design Contests

 February, 2002

Won by Barbara Kaelin.

Contest 3 design Files and Pictures

August, 2001

Won by Diane Bossom

 Contest 2 Design Files and Images

February, 2001

And the winner is..... Caroline Begby

Caroline Begbie won the doily shown here for this freestanding lace coaster design .









Caroline said, "I wanted to show you the reason why I bought Thred - to create freestanding embroidery. I thought that if we can't all win your beautiful doily, we can all have a set of coasters!

Caroline's Stitching Tips:-

For freestanding embroidery I always tighten my tension a little. (I use 1 - 1 1/2 for embroidery, 4 for normal sewing - for freestanding I use about 3)For the gold one, I used 40wt Robison-Anton rayon for both thread and bobbin (if you use bobbinfil it shows on the lattice part) on 2 layers of quite thick laundry bag. For the yellow one, I used 80wt Madeira cotona stitched out on 4 layers of Madeira's Avalon, just to check. (My home looks like there's been a multi-colored snow storm through it!)

Don't soak it too long - a little stiffness is good for coasters."

Caroline caroline@austarnet.com.au

The coaster in the picture was stitched using Mettler 50 weight cotton thread, top and bobbin .Alfie used two layers of soluble laundry bag and four layers of light weight water soluble stabilizer. You can microwave the doily in two inches of water for 1 minute or less to soften the stabilizer and then gently rinse it, do not wring. It works very well and is amazingly sturdy.

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