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Manual Changes for Thred, version 1.051
Page 29 Set Form Cursor:

The form cursor appears when you are entering a line form or a free hand form.

Box is the default.   The box cursor is actually a box with a cross in the middle.






Page 43

Sort by Color then Form:(F3+Shift)

Sorts the stitches by color and then by form number.   You can control the order of the stitching by using   “Edit/Set/Form Number”.

Sort by form: (F3+Control)

Sorts the stitches by form number.


Page 56

Clipboard Border, Even:

The even clipboard border tries to fill the border of the form with an even number of clips.   It tries up to 100 different lengths of clip to find the best fit. It may stretch or shrink the clip slightly.   The last clip will be stretched or shrunk to finish out the form border.

This fill works best on forms without sharp corners.