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No Form Selected:

You must create a form before you can fill it.  To create a form, select "form" on the tool bar, or hit the "F" key.  Select the type of form you want to create.  Choose "Line", "Free Hand", "Regular Polygon","Star", "Spiral", “Heart”, “Egg”, or “Tear”.  The letters to the right of the form types indicate hot keys you can also use to create forms when you have called up the form menu.  If you chose "Line" or "Free Hand'", then you must left-click to create the points of your form.  You need a point every place where the curve of the form changes. You can insert new points with the "W" key or "E"key.  "W" sets one point.  "E" is for setting multiple points.  If the points aren't where you need them to be,left-drag them there, or create new points, using "W" or "E". You can also delete points with the delete key. You must have the cursor near the point to be deleted, or use the "Y" key to select the form point in question.

 When you want to make a part of the form have no fan or clipboard fill stitches, you need to make a non-stitch area by moving your mouse cursor near the point where you want the line to start, then hit the "D" key.  Move the cursor to the end of the line and left-click.  A darker line appears. There can be only two of these non-stitch lines in a form.  If you fill, edit and refill, but your fill isn’t what you expected, check to see that your "D" lines remain where you intended them to be.

If you choose "regular polygon", "star","spiral", “Heart”, or “Lens” you will be prompted for the number of points desired.  When you have entered the number of points, the form is created.  Left-click to place the form.   Right-click near one of the form points to select the form.  When it is selected a box appears,with eight points, one on each vertex and one in the middle of each side.  You may move or alter the size by selecting a form point and moving it.  Right clicking near a form point will select it.  Move a corner point in to shrink the entire design.  Move a corner point out to grow the entire design.Drag the middle form point to stretch it in length or width. If you deform your design and regret it, remember you have the undo button or "control+Z".  A form must be selected to fill,unfill, or refill.

The number you select for the heart or lens form determines the density of the form points, but does not determine how many form points will be in the form.  A larger number will give more form points and a smaller number will give less.

If you make a line form and select it, then select “edit/convert to ribbon” it will become a polygon form with “non stick” lines already in place.  Fill it with Fan fill (making sure to have your stitch length preferences set wider than the form) and it will look like a ribbon.

If you select the “Tear” form, you will see a dialog box that allows you to set the parameters of the tear you create with the form.  The table below lists the controls in the dialog box and their effects on the creation of the form.

Tear Dialog Box Controls


Closes the dialog box and doesn’t create a form.

Default Tear

Sets up the dialog box to create a default tear.

Default Paisley

Sets up the dialog box to create a default parameter.


Sets the number of points in the form.  The form will actually contain one more point than this value.

Tear Ratio

A higher value in this control will create a longer and slimmer tear or paisley.

Twist Setup

The twist setup controls turn the tear into a paisley by “twisting” the tail of the tear.

Twist Step

This is the amount the first points in the tear tail are moved to the right.

Twist Ratio

After each pair of the points in the tear tail has been placed, the twist step is multiplied by this ratio. The new twist step is added to the horizontal position of the next pair of points in the tear tail.


Closes the dialog box and creates a form.