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When you use the “edit/sort” functions, Thred always sorts your design according to the color order on the color controls on the left of the Thred window.  The color management functions allow you to change the order of these colors.  When you use the color management functions, Thred automatically updates the colors in the forms and stitches in your design.  There are three color management functions:

The following table shows the functions of the seven buttons available in trace mode.  These buttons are below the number boxes

Switch Colors: To switch the order of two colors, put your mouse cursor over one of the color boxes on the far left of the Thred window. Then hold down the left mouse button and move your cursor to another one of these color boxes.  Thred will switch the two colors.  This function requires you to use only the boxes on the far left of the screen because the left mouse click on the second column of boxes is used to define colors.  The other two functions will work with either of the two columns of color boxes.
Insert Color:

Hold your mouse cursor over a color box on the left of the Thred window.  Hit the “insert”key.  A color will be inserted.  You will get an error message if all colors are in use.

Delete Color: Hold your mouse cursor over a color box on the left of the Thred window.  Hit the “delete” key.  The color under the mouse cursor will be deleted.  Thred will not delete a color that is being used.







Set Point Size:

Stitch Point boxes:  Sets the size of stitch point boxes.

Form Point Triangles: Sets the size of the form point triangles.


No Form Selected :

You must create a form before you can fill it.  To create a form, select "form" on the tool bar, or hit the "F" key.  Select the type of form you want to create.  Choose "Line", "Free Hand", "Regular Polygon","Star", "Spiral", “Heart” or “Egg”. 

Crop to Form:(W+Shift)

Deletes all stitch points outside of the selected form.