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Candle in the Window

8854 stitches

This design is offered especially for those of us who cannot be with their loved ones. May it bring comfort.

 I made one file with both candle and candle holder for large hoop machines, or you may choose the two separate files, both of which fit into 100 mm hoops. The design is stitched on water soluble stabilizer and two layers of petticoat net, or you may hoop water soluble stabilizer and stitch a cloth applique onto the stabilizer. I suggest 30 weight cotton thread for the lace version. This one must be sewn together by hand. Text file included.


thr * csd * dst * exp * hus * jef * pcs * pes * sew * xxx


thr * csd * dst * exp * hus * jef * pcs * pes * sew * xxx

Single Large File With Candle and Holder

thr * dst * exp * jef * pes * xxx

Alfie McCoskey

Three-dimensional Lacy Candle

Alfie McCoskey, 2001, all rights reserved

http:// www.thredworks.com/



This three-dimensional candle design was made in Thred embroidery software, using clipboard fills. If you have a 100mm embroidery hoop, you will need two files. Larger hoops will have one file containing the candle and candleholder.

Stitch it on a layer of heavy water soluble stabilizer, such as Badge Master or Romeo. Use two layers of petticoat netting and one layer of Badge Master or similar heavy-weight water soluble stabilizer. Water soluble laundry bags don't work nearly as well. It is best to stitch it with 30 weight white cotton thread and a pre-wound bobbin.


You can use a single layer of felt or a layered fabric appliqué. I prepare a sandwich, with fashion fabric on the outside and felt inside. Silk dupioni or tissue lame work well.Hoop the soluble stabilizer only. Then lay your sandwich of fabrics on top. Embroidery adhesive spray can make this easier, but is not required. You can use 40 weight rayon or metallic threads on this version, but the lace version should be stitched in 30 weight thread.

For the fabric version, run the first section of the design, then trim away the three layers of fabric, taking care not to cut your stabilizer. For the net version, let it run all the way through the design and do not cut until it is finished

Cut away the water-soluble stabilizer when the design is stitched. Stitch the candle together before you get it wet. I do this by hand. I couldn't find a way to stitch the tube by machine. Your sewing skills will be needed for this step. Stitch the candleholder section and candle together. You should also stitch the finger loop of the candleholder. Fold it toward the bottom so the underside of the design is inside the loop, and then make a few of stitches at each side to hold it in place.

Rinse it under warm water, but don't attempt to remove all the stabilizer. When it is dry, it will stiffen the candle so it stands up. Slip your finger through the loop to round it out. Adjust the candleholder and candle so it is straight, and set it aside to dry.