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Lace Angel II

free standiing lace angel closeup

  28,275 stitches, 174 mm X 125 mm


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Alfie McCoskey mailto:Alfiemc@gmail.com


This version of the angel has different clipboard stitches in the lace, and a higher stitch count. It takes more than an hour to stitch on my Brother, but it is a sturdier design. Even so, you need to use two layers or more of petticoat net. Do not use tulle or bridal veil, neither will stand upright without wrinkles. This version can also be stitched on fabric, but since the wings turn back, you need to use two layers of fabric and expect the bobbin thread to show. I stitched this one with 30 weight cotton thread from Madeira USA, and a NEBS prewound bobbin. I made several with 40 weight rayon thread, and they were satisfactory, but not as good as cotton.