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Lacy Angel Ornament

large free standing lace angel

13,383 stitches, 174 mm X 128 mm

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Alfie McCoskey mailto:Alfiemc@gmail.com


  This angel is very similar to the applique version, differing only in the halo. Since this design is stitched on two or more layers of Petticoat net, I could make the rays extend past the edge of the halo. The other lace angel has a much higher stitch count, and is more sturdy. This one stitches faster, but you must be certain to use plenty of net.Stitch the design on the net hooped with one layer of Badge Master (or other sturdy water soluble stabilizer). When it is completely finished, cut it out. Don't try to trim too closely. I suggest 30 weight cotton thread for the main part of the design, because it adds stiffness. The finished design is stitched together in one place at the center back. Use the button sewing stitch on the sewing machine, or a needle and thread.