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100 mm Lace Angel

6,542 stitches

machine embroidered free standing lace angel

These files contain the tiny angel and a text file.


thr * csd * dst * exp * hus * jef * pcs * pes * sew * xxx

Alfie McCoskey


Angel with candle- appliquéversion.

Alfie McCoskey, 2001, all rights reserved

This three-dimensional angel design, was made in Thred embroidery software using clipboard fills.

 The lace version are stitched on a layer of heavy water soluble stabilizer, such as Badge Master or Romeo Hoop the soluble stabilizer along with two or more

layers of petticoat net. Do not expect tulle or bridal veil net to work well. They are not stiff enough. I recommend 30 weight cotton thread in white, on white net, using white pre-wound bobbins. This combination is the easiest to stitch and results in a good strong angel that stands up well.

It is also possible to make a cloth applique version. Hoop the water-soluble stabilizer, and lay on it two layers of fabric. I suggest that you use embroidrery spray or baste it in place. Stitch the outline that will hold down the appliqué, trim the fabric, taking care not to cut the stabilizer, and run the remainder of the design.

Cut away the water-soluble stabilizer (and net if used ) when the design is completely stitched. Don't trim too closely. Stitch the angel together in the back in the narrowest place between the wings and the skirt. I used the button sewing stitch on my machine. Stitch it by hand if preferred. Just a single small set of stitches will hold it together, but a second set at the top of the wings may be desirable in some cases.

  Rinse it under warm running water, but don't attempt to remove all the stabilizer. When it is dry, the stabilizer will stiffen the angel so that it stands up. Overlap the two tail sections of the skirt, so that it forms a cone. Shape the wings to suit your taste and let dry on a piece of smooth white fabric.