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159 Star, 2484 stitches, 56 mm X 51 mm


This clipboard fill was made from a clip that began as a built in stitch in a Pfaff machine. Like all clips intended for a fill (as opposed to a border), it begins and ends vertically. In this case, it begins at the bottom and ends at the top . To use the clip, you need to put it on the Windows Clipboard,either by selecting it and pressing "Control/C" , or by opening the .thr file in Thred and pressing "F4", or "Edit/Retrieve clipboard stitches". Then select the form you wish to fill and click "Fill/Clipboard... and either Angle, Vertical or Horizontal".

The border is a Buttonhole border, with 4 mm stitch length, 4 mm buttonhole corner length and 4mm stitch spacing.

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